Stock and Investing Updates

Latest Earnings Data:

RIMM Isn't Dead - Beats Top, Beats Bottom
Profit jumps 59%
EPS: $1.10 (vs. $1.04 expectations)
5 million new subscribers.
More overseas sales.
Improved margins.
Shares jump 12%.
Oracle's Profit Up 15%
Enterprise spending is back!
FedEx profit takes 30% hit on higher fuel costs
Best Buy profit quadruples, but shares fall after huge run up Deere posts Q3 loss, lowers Q4 forecast
Tiffany's Reports Solid Quarter, Raises Guidance

J. Crew Crushes Earnings Expectations
EPS: $0.67 vs $0.41 expectations
Dell Earnings
HP Delivers After Dell Dissapoints
EPS: $1.14 (vs. $1.13 expectations, $0.84 in 2008)
Improved cost structure helped numbers.
Printer unit still slumping, but services sector thriving.

Dell Earnings
Dell's Earnings Dissappoint Investors
EPS: $0.17 (vs. $0.28 expectations, $0.37 in 2008)
Would have earned $0.23 without one-time items.
Shares slide over 8% in after-hours.
Home Depot Earnings
Home Depot's Earnings Beat Estimates, But Shares Fall On Poor Outlook
EPS: $0.41 (vs. $0.36 expectations, $0.45 in 2008)
Store sales still in "less bad" category.
Seeing signs of stabilization in CA, AZ, and FL.

Lowe's Earnings Meet Expectations
EPS: $0.23 (vs. $0.33 in 2008)

Target Earnings
Target's Profit Tops Views
EPS: $0.58 (vs. $0.49 expectations, $0.49 in 2008)
Still cautious about Q4.

Wal-Mart Profit Up, But Sales Remain Soft

TJ Max sees profit surge

Kohls Beats On Top and Bottom
Cisco earnings beat expectations, raise guidance
Comcast earnings up 22%

Time Warner profits top estimates
Molson Coors profit tops views
Exxon Mobil earnings plunge 68%
Revenue: $4.83B (vs. $14.83B in 2008)
ESP: $0.98 (vs. $2.85 in 2008, $1.03 expectations)

Chevron Profit Down 51%
Verizon Revenues Up, But Profits Drop
Microsoft Earnings
Microsoft Earnings Down, But Beat Expectations
Revenue: $12.92 B (vs. $15B in 2008, $12.5B expectations)
ESP: $0.40 (vs. $0.32 expectations)
Wallstreet pleased with results, shares rise $2.
Amazon Earnings Surge 69%, Fly Past Estimates
Shares rise 12% after earnings released.
Revenue: $5.45B (Up 54%)
Expects $8-9B of revenue in Q4.
EPS: $0.45 (vs. $0.33 estimates, $0.27 in 2008)
Apple Earnings
Apple Earnings Wallop Expectations
Revenue: $8.34B (vs. $7.46 in 2008)
EPS: $1.35 (vs. $1.19 in 2008, $1.17 estimate)
Solid report from Kimberly Clark
Xerox faces steep profit drop but raises outlook
Caterpillar Earnings
Caterpillar Beats Expectations
Sales down 44%, net income down 53% from a year ago, but seeing "encouraging" signs that recovery is under way.
Yahoo! Q3 Profit Triples Despite Sales Declines
SanDisk Sales Strong, Shares Up 10%
GE Earnings
GE Profit Down 45%, Trails Estimates
Quarter mixed, revenues dissapoint.
Revenue: $37.8B (vs. $39.7B estimate)
Profit: $2.45B (vs. $4.48B in 2008)
EPS: $0.22 (vs. $0.45 in 2008)

GE sees signs of stabilization
Google Earnings
Google Delivers BIG!
Earnings: $4.38B (vs. $4.23B estimates)
EPS: $5.89 (vs. $5.42 estimates)
Paid clicks up 14%
Report should extend tech rally.

More hiring!

Advertising recession defeated!

IBM Earnings
IBM Profit Up 14%, Raises Outlook
EPS: $2.40 (vs. $2.04 in 2008)
Bank of America Earnings
Bank of America posts Q3 loss
Loss: $1 Billion before preferred dividends, $2.4 Billion after dividends.
EPS: -$0.26 (vs. $0.33 in Q2, $0.25 in Q3 of 2008)
Overdue loans are growing.
Ken Lewis: "We peaked in credit losses."
Goldman Sachs Triples Q3 earnings from Q2
EPS: $5.25 (vs. $1.81 in Q2)
Estimated EPS of $4.18
Shares down 1.9% due to the $6 "whisper" estimate.
Citigroup Posts Smaller Than Expected Losses
Revenue: $20.4B (vs. $20.9B expectation)
EPS: ($0.27) vs. ($0.38) expectations
$8 billion credit losses weigh on results.
JP Morgan Earnings
JP Morgan Posts Strong Profit
Revenue: $28.2 B (vs. $16.1 in 2008)
EPS: $0.82 (vs. $0.50 expectatios)
Reserves: $31.5 B
Abbott Labs Profit Up 37%
Beats estimates by 2 cents.
Intel Earnings
Intel CRUSHES Estimates
Beats TOP and BOTTOM line.
Revenue: $9.4B (vs. $9.05B expectations)
EPS: $0.33 (vs. $0.28 expectations)
Improved margins.
Provided guidance above estimates.

Fast Money's Take on Intel
Johnson & Johnson Profit, Sales Increase
Q3 Profit Up 1.1%
EPS: $1.20 (vs. $1.13 estimate, $1.17 in 2008)
Revenue fall 5.3% to $15.08B.
Stock falls 2.7% due to 14% drop in drug sales due to generics.

Pulse of the Market:

November existing-home sales surge

12/17: Initial jobless claims suddenly increase

12/16: Inflation still looks tame

12/14: Abu Dabi bails out Dubai

12/14: Exxon Mobile acquires XTO

12/13: Positive Retail Numbers Called HOT

12/3: Stocks Pull Back After ISM Service Index Falls

12/1: Cyber Monday Sales Rise 14%

12/1: ISM comes in at 53.6%
Down from 55.7% in October, but sector is still expanding.

12/1: Pending U.S. Home Sales Rise In October

11/26: Consumer confidence improves in November

11/26: Jobless claims fall below 500,000

11/19: 3 States Set New Unemployment Records

11/18: Oil rises on inventory data showing steep drop

11/17: US/China to rebalance ties

11/16: US Producer prices remain flat, tame inflation worries

11/16: Bernanke Gives Speech On Dollar's Strength

11/13: Consumer confidence decreases

11/12: Jobless claims at year's lowest level at 502,000
Estimates were 510,000 jobless claims.

11/12: GE Sells Security Business To UTX

11/11: HP Acquires 3Com

11/5: Congress extends Homebuyer tax credit and unemployment benefits

11/5: Retailers report positive October numbers

11/5: Worker productivity surges

11/4: The Fed says interest rates to remain low for an extended period

11/4: ADP projects job losses to continue until mid-2010

11/4: Non-manufacting service sector index increases in October

Dubai Debt Disaster:

11/27: Dubai's Debt Rattles Markets

Stocks sink around the World

UAE Central Bank Involvment Imminent

Dubai World Mulling 4 Options

Another financial crisis?

New Alarm To Tighten Risk

Dubai, the Dollar, and Equities
Dollar should rally due to Dubai causing leveraged stocks to be liquidated.
Investors could hedge with the ETF UUP.
$1,170 GOLD

Gold rallies on weak dollar

Roubini: Gold at significant risk of correction

Peter Schiff Interview: Future of the Dollar and Gold

11/19: Analyst expects a pullback to $1050, but see gold at $1250 in Q1 of 2010

Is the dollar doomed?

Why US Officials Aren't Worried About Dollar's Fall

Will Gold stay above $1,000?
This is golds third attempt to break above $1,000.
Investors are underweight in gold and may pull out of equities.
US and UK budget deficits driving demand.
September is a strong month for gold.
Price of gold unlikely to change in near term.
Economic data could cause dollar to pop and gold to decline.

Year-End Gold Target: $1,150

1 Analyst is LONG DOLLAR!
Says next easy money will be made by buying dollar.
Feels it's been extremely oversold and everybody hates it.
Recipe for a sharp rally.
Only 3% traders bullish on dollar.
Dollar is STILL the world's reserve currency.
Best way to profit from strong dollar is to sell stocks. Peak in dollar corresponded with bottom in S&P 500.

People chearing for a weak dollar

What $1,000 gold means for the market
Look for risk aversion.
Stocks looking very overboought.
Look for market correction to get into precious metals.

Why Silver beats Gold as precious metals play

What the Gold technicals are saying

Gold not behving with normal market trends
Gold trending up with market is unusual.
Analyst believes rally is legitimate after believing the move in gold was unsustainable. Could signal BULL MARKET IN BOTH GOLD AND EQUITIES!

Will China propel $2,000 gold?

10.2% Unemployment:

10.2% Unemployment, What Recovery?
Highest unemployment rate since 1983.

Obama's Failed Stimulus In Pictures

Rosenberg: Unemployment headed to 12-13%

World Bank: Unemployment threatens US economy

10.2% unemployment shows Obama has us on road to ruin

Why the unemployment report was good for the market

Un- and Under-employment: 17.8%


Market Forecast:


12/16: China bubble waiting to burst

11/17: Maybe A Correction Isn't Coming?

Cisco CEO: American Recovery Coming Faster Than Expected

11/16: Cramer on how to continue playing the rally

5-Star Sock Picker: I'm Bullish For The Rest of 2009!

Analyst: Market could correct 7-17%

"Upswing is firmly in place, investors reluctant to sell stocks. A little dip and we continue higher."

Strategist: Rally to continue into the end of 2010

Latest Housing Data:

12/15: Huge rebound in Housing Starts

11/26: New Home Sales Up 6.2%

11/25: Housing prices up in September

11/24: 1 in 4 Mortgages Under Water

11/23: Existing Home Sales Jump 10% in October
Highest level since February 2007.

11/19: Housing starts, mortgage applications decline

11/18: Homebuilder sentiment remains unchanged

11/2: Pending home sales rise 6.1%

10/27: Home prices rise in October

10/25: September Housing Starts and Permits Dissappoint


11/27: Dollar drops to lowest level vs. Yen since Jul 1995

11/16: Dollar trades at 15-month low

11/4: Gold hits record high at $1,096/oz.

11/4: Dollar falls on speculation Fed will keep interest rates low

Relationship Between Commodities and The Dollar

What happens if the Dollar crashes

Gold still 20% undervalued?


Where are oil prices headed?

12/16: Oil above $73 on drop in crude supply

11/27: Dubai's debt sends oil back down to $76

11/18: Oil past $80 again on week dollar, inventory drop

10/31: Oil settles to down to $77 to end October, but still up 9% this month

3 Energy Stocks To Buy Right Now

Consumer Sentiment:

Consumer sentiment falls unexpectedly in October

Consumer Sentiment Rises in September
Rose to 70.2, the highest reading since June.
Exceeded economists expectations.

The Fed:

Bernanke On Recovery, Dollar

Open Letter to The Fed

11/19: House Economic Committe approves Federal Reserve Audit Bill
Warren Buffett: Curbing Fed's independence would lead to "mischief."

11/4: The Fed says interest rates to remain low for an extended period



Don't be snookered by the +3.5% GDP Report

Breaking Down the GDP Numbers

The GDP Mirage

Despite GDP rise, the economy still needs help

Economist: U.S. Recession Nowhere Near the End

Q2 Contaction: 1%

Unemployment Report:

12/4: Job losses at a much better than expected 11,000 in November
Unemployment rate falls back to 10.0% from 10.2%

12/4: Stocks retreat after hour-and-a-half rally following employment report
Pegged to higher interest rates and some profit taking.

Unemployment report leaves experts optimistic

White House Pleased

Speculative Stocks:

5 Small Caps For 2009

10 Potential Small-Cap Rockets

2010 Growing Small Cap Stocks... Literally

Build Your Nest Egg:

10 Best U.S. Dividend Stocks

Highest Dividend Yields On Dow

Move away from junkier stocks

Real Estate: A better investment than stocks?


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